Chuyện Kể Bé Nghe – Bedtime Stories

Client: Chin-Su / Masan Consumer

Category: Branded video content & social activities


Won Bronze Prize of 2017 MMA Smarties Award, Category: Mobile Video

Total view: 8,3M for 12 branded episodes ( of 20M all channel)

Reach: 1.5M people

Distribution: SaoTV, YouTube & Facbook

Chin-su has spent 14 years on its mission to serve millions of Vietnamese families delicious meals. Chin-su focuses on a premium brand positioning utilizing the Ngon Hao Hang (Top Delicious) brand reinforcement messages. They must leverage key traditional (TV) and digital platforms to continually grow awareness and build brand love and of course ongoing frequent purchases.

Chin-su and Inspirato worked together for a 12-episodes season of CHUYỆN KỂ BÉ NGHE animated bedtime stories with new upgrades on the first successful season. A new lineup of diversified and relatable children characters was introduced with the main protagonist Bé Bông representing Chin-su’s brand image. He is an out-of-earth magical character who possesses the ability to transform into anything for a short amount of time. We often see him transform into a tomato when consuming Chinsu ketchup or getting excited directly connecting the show to Masan’s Chin Su Ketchup product.

Across just 12 episodes of the pilot campaign Season 2 has been a smash hit from both the audience and brand perspective. Episodes have been viewed 8.3 million times and over 1.5 million viewers have been reached. An average of close to 1 million minutes has been spent per episode!

Approximately 60% of all minutes watched have been spent on mobile devices (39% mobile + 20% on tablets). The series is proving the perfect safe entertainment option for parents looking to entertain the kids whilst enabling Masan to create a fantastic impression of its products to its family target audiences.