Hiểu Để Yêu Thương – Multi-platform Awareness Campaign

Client: Kyhope

Category: Digital campaign & social activities

Achievement: 1,674,215 views | 8,934 engagement | 1,762 shares

Distribution: TV, Facebook & YouTube

KYHOPE – HIỂU ĐỂ YÊU THƯƠNG: Multi-platform awareness campaign alerts Vietnamese millennials of hidden-in-plain-sight outrage.


The society is failing to perceive the hard truth: they rarely understand their senior citizens’ needs and wants, therefore, fail to take care of them. By proposing an ambitious multi-platform campaign,KyHope and Inspirato Media made a proclamation waking up Vietnamese millennials to address their responsibility to understand and to take care of old people.


Inspirato Media produced a series of viral videos on spreading out the message of “To Understand to Love” which tell authentic and heartfelt stories about love between parents and their children to remind the audience about the lack of understanding and bonding time between them and their own parents. The viral series is followed with a 1-million viewed testimonial video and 4 episodes of in-depth discussion on Moms in Town daytime talk show.