Nhỏ To Cùng Mẹ – Moms in Town

Client: FuzeTea Plus

Category: Branded video content & social activities

Distribution: HTV 7, YouTube & Facbook

Nhỏ To Cùng Mẹ / Moms in Town is an open online talk show for modern women debating their opinions on women’s most trending and relatable topics. The show features spot-on guests and KOLs for each topic and sets them against each other in an honest and fiery debate that helps the audience observe the issue from multiple points of view for their reference.

Slogan: Share Your Thought – Shine Your Life


Vân Trang (actress – host)

Trang Hạ (author – host)

Minh Tú (guest)

Liêu Hà Trinh (guest)

Diệu Nhi (guest)

Ngọc Lan (guest)

Sunny Hạ Linh (guest)